Monday, October 29, 2012

Relaxing Trip to Genting Highlands October 2012

We were very fortunate to be able to book a apartment at Awana from 25th till 26th October. As Hari Raya Haji falls on a Friday, many people would take advantage of the 3 days break to go on a holiday or return to hometown to celebrate the occasion.)

The trip was planned last minute on the 23rd to escape the stressed atmosphere of the city to relax and enjoy the cooling air. We reached Awana on Friday afternoon and check-in to a 2 room apartment. It has a living hall with balcony, dining hall and also a kitchen. One of the washroom also comes together with a Jacuzzi.

Master bedroom with its fold-up wall partition open
The living room of the apartment with the balcony
Master bedroom with its attached bathroom and jacuzzi

The Jacuzzi

Below is the 2nd room with its foldup windows open. It overlooks the kitchen and living room beyond. As usual, it comes with wardrobe, a makeup table and a very long table which we use to put our luggage.
The 2nd room with wardrobe

Spacious and comfortable
 The 2nd room from another angle

 The washroom attached to this room is big and spacious...

The attached washroom

The kitchen was great which comes equipped with all the basic utensils e.g. Plates, bowls, teacups, cutleries, pots and pans, knife, chopping board etc. It also comes with a fridge and microwave. Very suitable for cooking and heating the food we brought up.

the kitchen we used to cook our food
After settling down,the youngsters proceed to take to complimentary shuttle bus up to First World Hotel and have fun while the elders stayed in the apartment to rest.

The Jam on the way up to First World Hotel
The sea of cars stuck in the jam
and more cars beyond the bend below

After few hours of fun, we return back to Awana for dinner.

The delicious instant noodles from China with our assorted ingredients.
Closeup shot of the noodles
Closeup shot of the soup
Preparing for a memorable family dinner together at Awana

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Nestle World Walking Day 2012, Putrajaya

In conjuction with World Walking Day, Nestle has once again organised it annual event ( World Walking Day)  to cultivate the healthy habit of walking on 28th October 2012

Registration can be done via SMS or on-site. Free T-shirts for the event are distributed on the event day before the walk on a first come first serve basis. There are 6 venues which is flagged off simultaneously at the same time. There are :

a) Ipoh - Pole Ground with 3500 T-shirts
b) Putrajaya - Istana Kehakiman - 5500 T-shirts
c) Kuantan - Taman Gelora - 2500 T-shirts
d) Johor Bahru - TamanTasik Merdeka, Jalam Kolam Ayer - 2500 T-shirts
e) Sabah - Dewan Tun Handam, Pekan Tamparuli - 1500 T-shirts
f) Sarawak - Waterfront, Kuching - 1500 T-shirts

More info can be obtained here :

Istana Kehakiman ( Judicial Headquarters), Putrajaya

Participants who registered via SMS before the event day are able to collect their T-shirts straight away. For on-site registration, participants is required to queue for the token to collect T-shirts and lucky draw number. One of the benefits of coming early is that you do not need to wait too long for your turn to register and claiming the T-shirt is also just as fast.

World Walking Day T-shirt

World Walking Day board - closeup view

The World Walking Day board in front of the Istana Kehakiman
World Walking Day banner

Balloons Decorations

balloons in the air...

The Starting Line...:)

Starting Line......

Benchmarks were located along the whole journey indicating how many steps we have taken :

1st 1000 steps of the walk
2000 steps benchmark
3000 steps benchmark
Participants walking and running ....
4000 steps benchmark
5000 Steps benchmark
Last benchmark at finishing line : 6756 steps

And the finishing line ...:)
and the finishing line :)

For those who missed this year event, you are still able to join next year as this event is held annually by Nestle Malaysia.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Goa Gajah, Bedulu

History : "Gua Gajah (Elephant Cave) is located in west side of Bedulu countryside, Blah Batuh Sub district and Gianyar Regency. It is about 27 km from Denpasar town. This cave is built at crevasse edge from the federation of 2 rills that is called Pangkung River , where the irrigation is mixed with Petanu River flow. The federation area of two rivers is called Campuhan/Mixture. It owns the magical energy on the basis of Rwabineda Concept/two different matters on this basic concept hence Gua Gajah (Elephant Cave) is intentionally built among two rivers.
The word of Gua Gajah is anticipated coming from the word of Lwa Gajah, the name of Buddhist Temple or hermitage for Buddhist monk. The Gua Gajah's name is written on Negarakeertagama papyrus which is compiled by Mpu Prapanca on 1365 M. Lwa or Lwah/loh mean the river and it reflect to the meaning that the hermitage is located at Gajah River or in Air Gajah. In the year inscription 944 Saka, it is mentioned with the name of ‘ser ring Air Gajah' that is meaning the Subak leader in Air Gajah. The word has mentioned that the hermitage of Lwa Gajah is located in Subak Air Gajah. " Source from here

Goa Gajah Temple or Elephant Cave is a temple full of historical significance. At the entrance where the signage to welcome visitors and tourist. For tourists who would like to visit are required to wear a scarf  or sarong because other than functioning as archaeological attractions, this temple also poses a sacred place or sanctum. Sarongs and scarves are available at the location

Signage at the entrance of the temple
  From the stairs leading to the place of the Goa Gajah where the situated, the panaroma view

Overview from the staircase down to visit this place
The entrance to the elephant cave, which is carved into a sheer rock face lies in the northern part of the temple in the shape of  the letter ”T”. Inside this cave there is a Ganesha statue considered as the god of sciences. More info here

Goa Gajah
 This is one of the old omission that can be found at Gua Gajah - Bathing Shower or bathing pond ( Situated in front of the cave for followers to cleanse and purify themselves). Now, they are used as a holy water for ceremonies. The fountain in the middle of the pond has yet to be found till now.

Part of the Bathing Showers
Bathing Shower fed by 3 fountain
The area that separates the 3 bathing showers
Another angle of the bathing shower
The courtyard in front of the bathing shower
A prayer altar near the Goa Gajah
 In the temple, there is a beautifully maintained garden with a small pond with lotus.

The lotus pond in the garden
A unique bare tree with beautiful roots near the garden..
path leading towards the garden
 There are also paddy fields in the surrounding areas of the temple.

Closeup shot of rice
Some of the historical pagodas and buildings left by believers in the vicinity of the Goa Gajah Entrance

Damage :
Entrance Fees : Rp15,000 / pax

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